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Elements for Swift by Sundell Listeners.

Welcome, Listeners and Readers of Swift by Sundell.

As you heard on the podcast, Elements is a multi-platform, multi-language development tool chain that lets you use the Swift language natively across a wide range of platforms.

This includes Android (Java and NDK), .NET, WebAssembly, native Windows & Linux and, of course, macOS and iOS.

We have powerful yet lightweight IDEs for Mac and Windows, and libraries that make sharing of code between platforms, or between client and server, really easy.

Elements also lets you use or mix a range of languages (on all platforms), with C#, Java, Go and Oxygene available in addition to Swift. All within the same project.

But best of all, Elements is completely free, when used with the Swift language (and you can save 20% off Elements for all five languages, with discount code SUNDELL19)!

Try it out yourself, or start by watching the videos below!

Watch the "Sharing Code" Video

Watch the "Introduction to Fire, our IDE for Mac" Video

Watch the "Introduction to Water, our IDE for Windows" Video