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Hydra 6: Mixing .NET and Java 22 days ago

Last week, we shipped Hydra 6 – a brand new version of our plug-in framework for mixing .NET, Delphi and Island code in the same app. Hydra 6 adds a new code platform to the mix: Java. [ Read more ]

WWDC 2018 and You 2 months ago

While my friend and colleague Peter has got an excellent general recap of WWDC2018 for you, I wanted to briefly touch on the aspects of what was announced on Monday that might matter to you as a user of our products. [ Read more ]

WWDC 2018 Recap 2 months ago

WWDC 2018 introduces lots of new tech for developers to be aware of, both for iOS and macOS. [ Read more ]

Half a century of BASIC 3 months ago

The BASIC programming language is more than a half-century old. A lot has changed in the world of programming – is there still a place for development for non-developers? [ Read more ]

It's the Little Things. 3 months ago

Elements 10 Highlights February-April. [ Read more ]