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The world's premier multi-tier database framework.

Implement fast, reliable and secure data access in your applications.

On all platforms, using all major development environments.

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Latest Blog Posts

WebAssembly, a Primer 5 days ago

In my previous blog post, I presented an example of universal code and outlined some guidelines on how to best approach writing code that can be deployed on every target without modification. I am going to continue posting examples and interesting pieces of code that you can freely copy and [ Read more ]

Video: Bringing your iOS App to the Mac with Catalyst (née Marzipan) 7 days ago

A couple blog posts back I gave you a quick peek at our support for UIKit for Mac (a.k.a. Project Catalyst, or Marzipan) in Elements. It's really easy to get your iOS app running on macOS Catalina with just a single setting change (but of course you'll want [ Read more ]

Introducing "Await" for Closure Callbacks 25 days ago

In today's Elements build, .2417, we're extending await support to methods with closure callbacks – such as the many Cocoa APIs. [ Read more ]

Elements: Platforms 26 days ago

Our Elements tool chain allows software development for a wide range of Platforms. Over the past couple of weeks, we have streamlined how we group and talk about these platforms, going away from focusing on the four underlying compiler backends and focusing more on the final end platform that projects [ Read more ]

UIKit for Mac with Elements 1 months ago

Today's weekly build of Elements .2415 includes support for building UIKit for Mac applications with Oxygene, C#, Swift and Java.In case you have been living under a rock the past year or so, UIKit for Mac (also referred to as Marzipan, or Project Catalyst) is Apple's effort to allow [ Read more ]