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The Complete Development Solution for your Platform(s).

Suite Overview

The RemObjects Software Suite program offers a convenient and cost effective way to stay up-to-date with all our technologies.

Available in editions for .NET, Cocoa, Java, Delphi and JavaScript, as well as a combinations of all five, the Suite grants you access to all current and upcoming products at a great price, without ever having to worry about missing out on important updates or new products. As new products for your platform get added to our portfolio (such as the upcoming Mercury language), you will receive them automatically – including early beta access – without any action required.

The Suite offers significant advantages:

Early Access to Betas and Preview Editions

As we roll out updated versions of our current products or new exciting technologies, as a Suite customer you will get priority access to them, allowing you to try out what's coming and plan your development accordingly. This includes beta access to products in development, as well as early alpha versions of brand new products, putting you in the optimal position to help us shape them according to your needs as they take form.

New Products and Platforms as They Are Released

As a Suite customer, you are the first to get access to any new products we announce for your platform(s), at no additional charge. And of course the Suite for all Platforms will also get you access to products for new platforms, such as our "Island" Platform for Elements.

Faster Support

When it comes to support, suite customers travel in the fast lane. Just like you are committing to our technologies, we are committed to your success and to making sure that your issues are addressed in the fastest way possible. Your support requests will jump the queue and be handled first.

Save Now and Save More as You Go

Planning your development budget has never been easier. With the Suite, you save both on the initial purchase, compared to the individual product prices, as well as on each yearly renewal. Also, because your subscription renews at regular intervals and covers all your products, there is just one purchase to track for each year.

A Complete Development Stack

Of course the Suite offers for .NET, Cocoa and/or Java also include Elements for the respective platform(s), which gives you Oxygene, to RemObjects C#, Swift, Java, Go and Mercury ad development languages.

So it has never been easier to get started with .NET, Cocoa and/or Java development – a Suite license is all you need, including our development IDEs, Fire for Mac and Water for Windows!

Included Products

Each platform Suite includes all products for the platform:

Suite for .NET

Suite for Cocoa

Suite for Java

Suite for Delphi

Suite for JavaScript

Suite for all Platforms

The Suite for all platforms includes all of the above, plus:

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Site License

The above editions of the Suite are licensed per named developer. A company-wide site license covering all platforms and all developers in your company is also available, at only $19,999.

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