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Swift, everywhere

Swift is not just for the Apple platform anymore. With RemObjects Elements, you can code in Swift, everywhere –
natively to your target OS or development platform:

Swift for .NET

Swift is now a native language on the Common Language Runtime. Use it in your applications for .NET, possibly mixed and intermingled with C#.

Swift works for regular .NET, including WinForms and WPF, .NET Core, .NET Standard, Universal Windows apps, and even for ASP.NET, Mono/Xamarin or with Unity.

Swift for Android

Use Swift to create Android apps using the Android SDK and Java SDK APIs.

To top it off, you can also use Swift with the Android NDK, to create native, Linux / C-level extensions for your Android apps, as well.

Swift for Java

Swift can also be used to build regular Java apps, with full access to the Java SE, Java EE and OpenJDK APIs. Compiled to Java byte code usable anywhere that Java code can run.

Swift for WebAssembly

You can now also use Swift in the browser. Create WebAssembly modules in Swift to easily extend the client-side functionality of your web apps.

Swift on Windows and Linux

With the Elements compiler, your Swift code can also target native Windows or Linux APIs – helpful for writing small command line utilities or servers.

Swift on Mac and iOS

And finally, to round it all off, our Swift compiler of course also lets you target macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. Often times better, and with less overhead than Apple's own Swift compiler!

Work on Mac

No matter what platform you target, on Mac you can work in Fire, our powerful but lightweight Mac IDE.

Read more about Fire.
Or watch our intro video.

Work on Windows

For developers on Windows, we have Water. The Windows IDE, reinvented.

Read more about Water.
Or watch our intro video.

Optionally, Elements also integrates with Visual Studio 2015, 2017 or 2019, so if that is your IDE of choice, you can now use Swift right next to C#, Visual Basic or Visual C++.

Read more about Elements in Visual Studio.

Read More

Read more about RemObjects Swift, part of the Elements compiler. Or download your free copy, below:

Watch the "Sharing Code Between iOS and Android" Video

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