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  • 85324: coalesce fails/IEs oddly when it get s a single param
  • 85344: CodeModel NREs for Water.sln
  • 85329: For Lazy properties, the Initialized_Xxx private fields are not marked with the [CompilerGenerated] attribute
  • 85327: Mercury: 3 bugs
  • 85342: Mercury: Cast from string literal fails, from string variable compiles
  • 84392: Mercury: Declaring a sub-namespace called "System" predictably messes things up
  • 85320: Mercury: Invalid IL with Option Strict Off
  • 85327: Mercury: issue with XX is Nothing
  • 85335: Mercury: second test (with AndAlso) is ignored in If
  • 85259: Mercury: WebAssembly: property got wrong visibility
  • 85119: More Trouble with Tuples (on v4.8)
  • 85333: Regression: .cctors dont initialize global variables
  • 85286: Regression: $IF EXISTS fails in latest
  • 85345: Toffee: IE with latest EBuild code
  • Code cleanup tom prepare for compiler on .NET Core
  • Deploy NET 4.8 SDK if needed
  • Generate XmlDocs for Island RTL/Wasm DOM for inclusion Docs site
  • Mercury: ’’’ was treated as a comment, not XmlDoc
  • Mercury: Toffee/iOS item templates
  • Mercury: Toffee/macOS item templates
  • Merged CodeGen4
  • Merged EBuild
  • Merged RTL2
  • New “XmlDocWarnForMissingParameters” project setting
  • Switched Cirrus to .NET Standard 2.0 and compiler to .NET 4.8
  • Templates: cleanup
  • Xaml: abstracted "" namespace check to allow for Xamarin's 2009 uri
  • Xaml: allow XmlnsDefinitionAttribute from any namespace (e.g. Xamarin)

Fire & Water

  • Debug Console: missing items in "help" display
  • Fire: Exception sheet could become too wide
  • Fire: proper fix for line height difference between Arm and Intel Big Sur
  • Fire: support using Brave instead of Chrome, for WebAssembly debugging
  • New “XmlDocWarnForMissingParameters” project setting
  • Water: strong-name all the dlls

Visual Studio

  • 85343: Convert VB to Mercury failed for .NET Core 5.0 project
  • 85332: Duped new Project templates language names
  • 85340: Slow compile times for specific project


  • .NET Core: allow ignoring "legacy" references (mscorlib, System.*, etc) when building for .NET Core
  • .NET Core: keep using "osx-x64" app cost one Arm Macs, until .NET Core actually adds support for ARM
  • ElementsValidateCachedToffeeReferencesForTarget emitted error instead of plain message if build destination was missing from cache; also added check for Mac Catalyst
  • Fixes for Windows/arm64 (detect .NET Core folder; pick proper dotnet exe stub)
  • New “XmlDocWarnForMissingParameters” project setting
  • Package Management message fix
  • Project Import added duplicated “Version” into name and as metadata field
  • Switched EBuild to be all 4.8
  • WebAssembly: auto-detect and use MS Edge (on Windows)
  • Xamarin toolchain support (very early prep work, iOS, Android)

Elements RTL

  • Environment: New IsWOW64Process property
  • Environment: Properly detect arm64 as ProcessArchitecture or OSArchitecture
  • new caseInsensitiveString System Function