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"RemObjects Talk" Forums

RemObjects Talk is our online support forum. It is a stackoverflow-like forum that serves four main purposes:

  • interaction and discussion between customers ("peer to peer" support and communication)
  • support (and other communication) between customers and our support & development team
  • discussion and announcements of beta and gamma builds of upcoming product releases
  • Bug Reporting.

Visiting RemObjects Talk

You can visit the RemObjects Talk portal directly by going to

The site is publicly accessible and you can browse the public forums and read active discussions without logging in. This is helpful if you're merely browsing our products and have not made a purchase decision yet, but want to look at the support channel.

To participate in the community, start new threads or reply to ongoing discussions; you will need a user account on our website. When clicking "Sign In", you will be taken to our regular (and secure) customer portal on, where you can log in with your existing account or, if you don't already have an account, sign up for a free account right then and there. After logging in, you will be redirected back to the RemObjects Talk site.

The main view of RemObjects Talk is a list of current discussions, sorted by most recent activity. Discussions are color-coded based on the product categories they are in (e.g. green for Data Abstract, red for RemObjects SDK, blue for Oxygene, and so on). You can filter down to see only discussions pertaining to a specific product using the categories drop-down bar at the top left.

At any time, you can start a new thread by clicking the "+ Create Topic" button on the top right. When you start a new thread, make sure to select the product/category most relevant to the topic at hand.

Getting Support

Our support staff is regularly reviewing new posts on RemObjects Talk, and open questions will be tracked in our internal tracking system to make sure they will be answered by the support staffer or developer most suitable for the task. In general, we aim to provide a response to all support requests in 48 hours tops on business days.

In addition to RemObjects Talk, you may also choose to email our support team directly, as described here. But we ask you kindly only to choose one or the other — submitting a support request both via the forum and email can lead to duplicated work on our side and – as a result – may slow down support for everybody.

Beta Testing

As part of an active product subscription, all our customers have access to Preview builds for the products they have licensed. Beta programs are managed on RemObjects Talk, and when you are logged in, you should see one or more additional "Beta" categories in the navigation bar on the right (such as "Oxygene Beta").

Please stay tuned to threads in these categories for announcements of new beta or gamma builds, and please post any questions or bug reports pertaining to beta builds in the appropriate beta forums.

You may also want to review the "Beta Access" topics available on both our documentation sites for each product.

(Note that beta (Preview or Experimental) builds are always tied to an active subscription for the product in question. If you don't see beta access for one or more of your licensed products, please check if your subscription has expired and needs to be renewed.)