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Your development environment to create great apps for all platforms.

Use the Elements compiler, with Swift, C#, Oxygene or the Java language.

Natively target Cocoa, Android, .NET, WebAssembly and more, right from your Mac.

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Latest Blog Posts

Announcing Hydra 6.2 4 days ago

Hi everyone. We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of Hydra 6.2, the next version of our plugin framework for building modular applications that can mix Delphi, .NET, Java and Island code into a seamless single application experience.Version 6.2 wraps together a whole bunch of fixes and [ Read more ]

Elements Tips: if #available 6 days ago

If you're using the Elements compiler for your iOS development, you can take advantage of a special additional behavior of the if #available syntax in Elements' Swift implementation: in addition to making any code surrounded by the check execute conditionally at runtime, in Elements the check also implies a compile-time [ Read more ]

WWDC2019 Keynote 12 days ago

Apple just finished the introductory keynote to its annual World Wide Developer Conference, and while the keynote always stays pretty high-level and consumer-oriented, there's already a lot to unpack here, while we wait for the State of the Union.I'll start of with the developer-affecting announcements that struck me most, [ Read more ]

RemObjects at WWDC! 13 days ago

Hello! I'm Kelly Guimont, and I'm the new Marketing/PR person here at RemObjects Software. This is text, but I might sound familiar, as I am the voice in the recent RemObjects TV videos, and I also host The Mac Observer Daily Observations podcast (among other shows).I'll be in [ Read more ]

Announcing Remoting SDK and Data Abstract 9.7 15 days ago

I'm happy to announce that we have just released the latest updates to Remoting SDK and Data Abstract.Version 9 has had a good run, and this week's release of 9.7 marks the last planned update for the RODA9 cycle before we move on to fully focus on Version [ Read more ]