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The Delphi VCL comes to Oxygene 19 days ago

Developers switching from Delphi to Oxygene are loving our "Delphi RTL" compatibility library, as it helps them move their code over to new platforms without having to embrace all the new APIs at once. [ Read more ]

New Sample: Shared UI 28 days ago

I've just pushed a new set of samples to our Elements Samples GitHub repository. The new sample, available for Oxygene (Object Pascal), C# and Swift (GitHub links), shows off some concepts for sharing code in an application with bespoke native User Interface for Mac and Windows. [ Read more ]

Hydra 6: Mixing .NET and Java 1 months ago

Last week, we shipped Hydra 6 – a brand new version of our plug-in framework for mixing .NET, Delphi and Island code in the same app. Hydra 6 adds a new code platform to the mix: Java. [ Read more ]

WWDC 2018 and You 3 months ago

While my friend and colleague Peter has got an excellent general recap of WWDC2018 for you, I wanted to briefly touch on the aspects of what was announced on Monday that might matter to you as a user of our products. [ Read more ]

WWDC 2018 Recap 3 months ago

WWDC 2018 introduces lots of new tech for developers to be aware of, both for iOS and macOS. [ Read more ]