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Purchase Renewals for Your Product Subscriptions

The table below shows all renewal options available for our current products – whether they apply directly to you or not. We recommend that you go to your personal [Renewal and Upgrade Options] page ( on the customer portal to see an overview of the best options that are available to you based on the licenses and subscriptions you currently own and their expirations.

You may freely add additional platforms when renewing your products (for example, if you currently own "Data Abstract for .NET", you may choose to renew "Data Abstract for .NET and Xcode"); the added platforms will start as fresh one-year subscriptions from the day of purchase. Renewals for existing licenses will be applied as consecutive terms to the end of your previous subscription (for example, if your subscription expires April 27 of a given year, it will be renewed to April 27 of the following year).

If your existing subscription has expired for over six month, it might be advisable to upgrade to a fresh subscription instead of renewing.

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to email us at with your questions.

Note: All current products are sold on a subscription basis, and these renewal items apply if you want to extend your existing subscription. Upgrades (listed here) are available from product licenses purchased prior to 2007, such as Versions 4.0 or below of RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract or Version 2.0 or below of Hydra.

The items on this page are renewals for existing subscriptions only!



21st Century Software Development

Single Language
Both Languages

All SKUs include .NET, Cocoa and Java


Don't get stuck in Delphi.

Both Platforms



Protect Your Managed Code

Single Platform


Developer products are licensed per named developer and include one year of free updates and support.

Data Abstract includes a developer license for Relativity Server.

The Suites include 2 tickets of Premium Support


Premium Support

Get faster support within 24h

1 Year Renewal
Includes 10 New Support Tickets
Starting at $69
Additional Tickets