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Buy Data Abstract (Learn More)

The premier framework for secure, scalable multi-tier database access.

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Buy RemObjects C# (Learn More)

Take your C# skills to iOS, Android, the Mac and beyond.

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Selected: RemObjects C# (includes support for .NET, Cocoa and Java).

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Buy Oxygene (Learn More)

Your new favorite programming language. On all platforms that matter.

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Selected: Oxygene (includes support for .NET, Cocoa and Java).

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Buy RemObjects SDK (Learn More)

Build and consume robust and scalable remote services.

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Buy Hydra (Learn More)

Don't get stuck in Delphi. Mix .NET and Delphi code in your application freely.

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Selected: Hydra (always includes support for Delphi and .NET).

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Buy Oxfuscator (Learn More)

Protect your .NET code from prying eyes.

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Selected: Oxfuscator for .NET.

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