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Channel Remoting SDK

Welcome to Channel Remoting SDK, where you find videos and tutorials about Remoting SDK, our cross-platform remoting framework for .NET, Java Cocoa and Delphi, and related technologies.


Introducing RemObjects SDK for Java (5:36)

A short introduction and overview of RemObjects SDK for Java. This 1.0 release includes support for Android and Java clients with BinMessage and HttpChannel. Also a short demo of HttpChat in Swing and Android with Java and Oxygene.


Download the Video
Download is in H.264 format at 1280x720. It is suitable for desktops, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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# Creating an Android Client with RemObjects SDK for Java and Oxygene for Java
7 years ago

A short introduction to using RemObjects SDK for Java and Oxygene for Java to create a Android client application for a RemObjects SDK server. RemObjects SDK is a remoting framework for creating and using smart services and service orientated solutions.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 5:09 minutes


# Creating a RemObjects SDK for Java Client with IntelliJ IDEA
7 years ago

A short demo of creating a RemObjects SDK for Java console application client for the Mega Demo Server using the free JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 6:38 minutes