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Channel Remoting SDK

Welcome to Channel Remoting SDK, where you find videos and tutorials about Remoting SDK, our cross-platform remoting framework for .NET, Java Cocoa and Delphi, and related technologies.


Introducing RemObjects SDK for Java (5:36)

A short introduction and overview of RemObjects SDK for Java. This 1.0 release includes support for Android and Java clients with BinMessage and HttpChannel. Also a short demo of HttpChat in Swing and Android with Java and Oxygene.


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# Creating an Android Client with RemObjects SDK for Java and Oxygene for Java
9 years ago

A short introduction to using RemObjects SDK for Java and Oxygene for Java to create a Android client application for a RemObjects SDK server. RemObjects SDK is a remoting framework for creating and using smart services and service orientated solutions.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 5:09 minutes


# Creating a RemObjects SDK for Java Client with IntelliJ IDEA
9 years ago

A short demo of creating a RemObjects SDK for Java console application client for the Mega Demo Server using the free JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 6:38 minutes