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Channel Hydra

Welcome to Channel Hydra, the channel on RemObjects TV about mixing managed and unmanaged code in your Delphi and .NET projects and creating pluggable, extendable applications.


Mixing VCL & FireMonkey with RemObjects Hydra (14:55)

An introduction to mixing FireMonkey & VCL controls in the same application using RemObjects Hydra. FireMonkey is the new HD & 3D Visual Control framework introduced in Delphi XE2. Hydra allows you to mix the new FireMonkey visual controls in existing VCL applications, even if they are maintained in earlier versions of Delphi.


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Download is in H.264 format at 1280x720. It is suitable for desktops, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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# Introducing RemObjects Hydra 4
7 years ago

What's new in RemObjects Hydra 4, including support for Delphi XE2, FireMonkey, Silverlight and true 64-bit support. Also and example of using Hydra to add FireMonkey visual controls to a Delphi 7 application.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 6:47 minutes


# Hydra Overview
8 years ago

An overview of the RemObjects Hydra modular application framework. The video shows using a Windows Presentation Framework visualization plugin hosted in a native Delphi application.

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