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Welcome to Channel Data Abstract, where you find videos and tutorials about Data Abstract, our cross-platform multi-tier framework for .NET, Xcode and Delphi, and related technologies.


The New Project Wizard for DA/.NET (9:57)

Learn more about the brand new “New Project” Wizard that makes it even simpler to get started with Data Abstract for .NET, the premier multi-tier database framework for .NET and Mono.


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More Videos:

# DA-LINQ Table Definition Generation
11 years ago

Highlighting the new Create DA LINQ Table Definitions from RemObjects Data Abstract 7 for .NET

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 7:50 minutes


# Metro App Development with Data Abstract for JavaScript
12 years ago

A quick introduction to using the latest Data Abstract for JavaScript client libraries to build a Windows 8 Metro App with Visual Studio 11. Windows 8 supports HTML / CSS & JavaScript as first class tools for building Metro Apps that are available via the Windows Store. RemObjects Data Abstract's JavaScript client libraries support building a client for your existing Data Abstract custom and Relativity middle-tier servers.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 10:09 minutes


# Introducing the JavaScript Client Support for RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract
12 years ago

A good introduction to the JavaScript Client Support for RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract introduced with the "Winter 2011" release for the .NET, Delphi and Xcode editions of RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 8:36 minutes


# The New Project Wizard for DA/Delphi
12 years ago

A look at the New Project Wizard in Data Abstract for Delphi. Supports creating clients only, clients for Relativity server, client and server as well as two tier applications. This demonstration shows creating a client for a Relativity server in Delphi XE.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 6:03 minutes


# Business Rules Scripting
12 years ago

An introduction to Data Abstract's Business Rules Scripting. Covers creating scripts in ECMAScript, adding them to events on the server via DA Schema Modeler and adding scripting support to the client applications.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 4:47 minutes


# Relativity Server Overview
13 years ago

An introduction and overview of Data Abstract's Relativity Server and administrative tools for Windows and Mac OS X.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 10:40 minutes


# Introduction to DA SQL
13 years ago

An introduction to the concept and usage of Data Abstract's DA SQL feature for the flexibility of SQL in the client, while still respecting all the business rules on your middle-tier.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 7:47 minutes


# Introduction to Data Abstract for Xcode
13 years ago

A quick introduction to creating your first Data Abstract application in Xcode; the steps outlined apply equally for iOS and Mac OS X development.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 9:53 minutes


# OData Publishing
13 years ago

Learn more about new OData Publishing, available in Data Abstract for .NET and Relativity Server with the new “Summer 2010” release.

Watch | Download (H.264) | Watch | 5:32 minutes