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Premium Support

Premium Support is an upgrade service over the free basic support that is offered with all our products. It gives you a faster response time and it guarantees that your inquiries are moved up in our support queue. Premium Support is offered as a yearly subscription and can be purchased independently for any of the products you own.


Subscribing to our Premium Support program is available at only $999,- per year. This yearly subscription includes 10 Support Tickets, but you always have the option to purchase additional ones.

If you wish to obtain Premium Support for one single issue without a subscription, you can purchase a Single Emergency Support Ticket.

Order here:

Renewal and Additional Tickets:

The following items are available to active Premium Support subscribers
(please check your account page on for order links).

  • Monthy renewal (automatic) - $99,/
  • Yearly renewal (includes 10 Support Tickets) - $999,—

Additional tickets:

  • Single additional Support Ticket - $69,—
  • Package of 5 additional Support Tickets - $299,—
  • Package of 10 additional Support Tickets - $599,—
  • Package of 30 additional Support Tickets - $1,299,—

Note: Support Tickets do not expire as long as your Premium Support Subscription remains active. If you have unused ones at the end of your subscription year, they will automatically be rolled over to the following year, when you renew.


Once you've subscribed to the Premium Support program, or purchased a Single Emergency Support Ticket, the procedure to report an issue is as follows:

  1. You send us an email with your support questions using your registered email address. Please note that we cannot process Premium Support requests unless they come directly from the email address registered with your account.
  2. We review your email and send you confirmation of receipt and the ticket number (or provisional ticket numbers) within 6 business hours or less. If your questions pertain to more than one topic, we will open two or more provisional tickets and ask you to approve them. Provisional tickets require your acceptance before we can begin working and they will be canceled if you decline them. For tracking purposes, all subsequent emails relating to a ticket must contain the ticket number in the subject.
  3. We work on your issues with the utmost priority. At this point, the time it takes to provide a solution greatly depends on the problem you are presenting, therefore we cannot make estimates, but we can assure you that your issues always take priority over regular support ones.

Please note that because our support team is physically located in Europe, our business hours span approximately between 9:00 and 21:00 Central European Time (CET).

Also, keep in mind that if you have more than one ticket open at any given time, different developers might be working on them, so we ask you to keep communication for each ticket separate and to be prompt with your replies.

In general, all the rules and procedures outlined in our basic support service still apply, but additional information or changes regarding Priority Support might be sent to you once you sign up.

Note: Once a Support Ticket is opened, it will be subtracted from your available tickets, regardless of what the reported problem is, and regardless of the outcome of the support request. The Premium Support fee you pay covers the expense of our support team being ready to promptly address your issues.

Priority Call Back Support

With Priority Call Back Support you can opt to have one of our developers telephone or Skype you directly. This service can be requested, based on availability, at $199,- per hour, with a minimum of a one-hour charge. Please follow the procedure described above and simply add "Priority Call Back Support" to the title of your email. Don't forget to include your international telephone number and your business hours.

At present, we can only offer telephone support in English.

Note: Priority Call Back Support is only available to those customers who are already subscribed to the Premium Support program.

Should you have any additional questions regarding our Premium Support program, please email us at