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RemObjects Script for .NET

RemObjects Script for .NET

RemObjects Script for .NET is an embeddable engine for .NET applications that allows developers to let their users introduce written scripts that influence the behavior of the application.

The RemObjects Script engine is built in a language-agnostic way, so that different concrete language implementations can be created on top. It currently supports most of ECMAScript 262 version 1.5 (also known as JavaScript).

New with version 2.0, RemObjects Script is no longer dependent on the Microsoft DLR runtime, has been significanty; improved and resesigned for optimum performance and succeeds on 100% of the tests in the EC5 test suite. It can be run on any version of .NET 2.0 or later and Mono.

Currently supported features:

  • Objects
  • Prototypes
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Booleans
  • Regular Expressions
  • Numbers
  • Build-in classes: Object, String, Function, Array, Number, RegExp, Date, Boolean
  • Interopability with non-ECMAScript types
  • Interopability with other DLR-based language types

ECMAScript is a dynamic language and is weakly typed. It uses a prototype based object model (no classes). It is a flexible language that due to its lack of types is ideal for scripting purposes. EMCAScript has a very simple model for object oriented programming, where objects are property bags with a "prototype" model to allow for a way of inheritance. It supports closures (nested functions) and every function is an object on its own.

See also: RemObjects Pascal Script for Delphi.

Get the latest source and downloads for RemObjects Script or participate in the development process and contribute code to the project on github.

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