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Welcome to RemObjects Radio, the regular podcast on all things RemObjects, where our host and developer evangelist Jim McKeeth brings you up to date information about what's happening at RemObjects Software, sneak peaks at future plans, interviews with team members and customers and in depth discussion about core technologies.

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Latest Episode:

# Oxygene "Nougat" Overview 58:03 11 years ago

Discussing with marc hoffman, Carlo Kok, Mike Orris & Brian Lindahl the newest flavor of Oxygene "Nougat", bringing the Oxygene programming language to the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks for Mac and iOS development. See also the [Introducing Nougat] and [Oxygene Overview] videos.

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Past Episodes:

# Core Data & iCloud Syncing with Drew McCormak 54:59 11 years ago

Talking with Drew McCormak about the ins and outs of Core Data & iCloud Syncing on Mac OS X and iOS devices.

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# JavaScript and Titanium 23:12 12 years ago

Discussing the platform options available for JavaScript and the new JavaScript client libraries for RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract. We also discuss the open source, cross platform mobile application framework Titanium.

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# Mike Orriss on Wiki Documentation 47:20 13 years ago

Talking with Mike Orriss, RemObjects General Project Manager, about the automated Wiki documentation project.

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# Brian Long 55:16 13 years ago

Talking with Brian Long about Android Development with RemObjects Cooper.

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# Introducing Project "Cooper" 30:28 13 years ago

"Cooper" is a new and exciting research project going in in the RemObjects Software Labs, to bring the Oxygene language to the Java and Android platforms. The original Oxygene for .NET set out to bring a modern and "next generation" Objects Pascal to the .NET world, Project "Cooper" is taking this endeavor to the next level, expanding the reach of Oxygene to the second big managed platform.

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# Developer Solutions Conference 32:05 13 years ago

marc hoffman, Olaf Monien, Daniel Magin and Jim McKeeth discuss the upcoming Developer Solutions Conference in Las Vegas this coming February 2011. Developer Solutions Conferences are a new kind of developer conference, intended to provide developers with a task-oriented event that focuses on a specific topic and gives attendees an in-depth and real life learning experience. Speakers and agenda are selected carefully to provide a single narrative and a consistent presentation for the entire event.

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# Password Tote Case Study 19:08 13 years ago

Talking with Nate Woolls, the author of Password Tote for iOS and Mac OS X, about his use of RemObjects SDK to consume a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) SOAP Web Service. Be sure to check out the full case study at for more information.

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# Winter 2010 ROadmap 51:48 13 years ago

Talking with marc hoffman, RemObjects Chief Architect, about the Winter 2010 ROadmap. For more information check out and - beta details for Delphi Prism still forthcoming.

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# Delphi Tage 2010 36:32 13 years ago

Sitting down at Delphi-Tage (Delphi Days) 2010 in Berlin Germany with David I., chief developer evangelist for Embarcadero; Sebastian Gingter, developer evangelist for RemObjects; Daniel Wolf, runs Delphi PRAXiS and organizes Delphi Tage; Daniel Magin of Delphi Experts; Jim McKeeth, developer evangelist for RemObjects; marc hoffman, Chief Architect for RemObjects; with Arvid Winkelsdorf, Indy Core Team and Uwe Schuster of Delphi SVN and Jedi VCS Integration joining us later. This is a special combined episode of the Podcast at and RemObjects Radio.

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# Brian Lindahl on VS2010 Integration 42:52 13 years ago

Talking with Brian Lindahl, a Senior Developer on Oxygene, about Visual Studio 2010 Integration with Oxygene and Delphi Prism; mobile application development on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7; and the Mono, MonoDroid and MonoTouch frameworks.

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# Conferences 34:15 13 years ago

Jim and Sebastian talk about upcoming conferences which RemObjects staff will be attending or presenting at, including Delphi Live, EKON and 360|iDev.

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# The Summer 2010 Releases are out 35:00 13 years ago

In the inaugural episode, Jim introduces listeners to the podcast, and then spends the remainder of the show talking with RemObjects Software Chief Architect marc hoffman about some of the more exciting new features it the the new “Summer 2010” release, and what benefits they will bring to developers. They also talk about upcoming conferences where RemObjects Software will be participating, a subject that will see more coverage in one of the next episodes.

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