NNTP Newsgroups

RemObjects Software offers customer support primarily through its newsgroups at news://news.remobjects.com.

Please read our Newsgroup Guidelines before accessing these forums.

The following is a list of available groups:

Primary Product Support Groups

THe newsgroups listed below are the primary groups for receiving support on the respective products. These newsgroups are monitored daily by our support team and TeamRO, and we are committed to providing prompt responses.

Non-Support Groups

The following groups are provided for communication not directly related to support.

The "bugreports" and "suggestions" groups are provided for uni-directional submitting of bug reports or feature suggestions, respectively. They are regularly processed and all posts made to these groups will be reviewed, but we do not commit to providing timely answers to posts in these groups. Questions and support requests should be posted in the product-specific groups, above.

The "binaries" group is provided for posting large binary files and attachments not suitable for the other groups. It will not be monitored by RemObjects staff, other than to retrieve particular attachments.

Finally, "non-tech" is provided for non-product related discussions and chats between customers, non-customers and staff. RemObjects and TeamRO staff will lurk and might participate in discussions, but no official support is provided.

Deprecated Groups

The following newsgroups cover deprecated products and are no longer actively monitored; they remain open for peer-to-peer support. Official support for these products is available on request through our Premium Support program.

HTTP Newsgroup Access

As an alternative, you can access our newsgroups on the web:

These links are provided as a curtesy, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy or reliability, as we do not maintain these websites.

If you are unable to use the newsgroups for technical reasons, please send an email to support@remobjects.com instead. Keep in mind that since the newsgroups are our preferred channel for providing support, response time for emails is typically longer.