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Since the early days of the platform, RemObjects Software has been a leading tool and library vendor for the .NET ecosystem.

Our libraries are used by thousands of .NET developers every day and help them set their applications apart from the competition.

The libraries are frequently updated, with a major focus on backward compatibility and easy upgradability. They support .NET 4.x and the latest .NET Core releases and provide deep integration with Visual Studio. And, of course, all libraries ship with full source code.

Data Abstract for .NET

Data Abstract is the premier framework for building fast, secure and scalable database applications.

Its unique Schema™ concept removes clutter and the need to maintain database-vendor-specific code or components. The DA SQL language brings advanced data querying capabilities to the client wihtout compromising data security. And its fast and reliable network communication via the included Remoting SDK has been optimized for all network conditions.

Remoting SDK for .NET

Remoting SDK makes it easy to create remote services and expose them to client applications without worrying about the intricacies of network access.

Write your services as you would any other class, and expose them to the network with a single attribute. On the client-side, use auto-generated proxies to call into your services as you would use any normal local class.

Remoting SDK takes care of the rest, using state-of-the-art networking protocols and the latest security paradigms – letting you focus on what's really important.


Mercury revitalizes the Visual Basic.NET language, keeping it relevant for modern .NET development, adding long-requested new language features, and bringing it to a variety of new target platforms.

Mercury is the language Visual Basic developers love, 100% compatible, but with new and exciting language extensions to make your development life easier than ever. From Dynamic types to Aspects, from Lazy properties to Pointers and access to C#'s "unsafe" code features, and more.

And with Mercury, you can use VB to develop not only for .NET, but also for Java, Android, all Apple platforms, WebAssembly, and native Windows & Linux. And you can even mix it with other languages such as C#, Swift, Java, Go or Oxygene.


Elements is a full compiler and development tool chain that brings six languages to .NET (and other plaforms): Oxygene, the aforementioned Mercury, Swift, Java, Go, and an enhanxced version of C#.

Elements optionally integrates into Visual Studio, and also comes with its own powerful light-weight native IDEs for both Windows and the Mac.

Next to .NET (including the latest .NET Core and ASP.NET, of course), Elements supports development for native Windows and Linux, WebAssebly, the Apple platforms as well as Java and Android.


Hydra is an application framework that allows you to create modular Windows applications by mixing other development platforms into your .NET applications (or vice versa).

Extend your WinForms or WPF apps with legacy code written in Delphi or, Java, or with native Elements code.

You can mix both non-visual (e.g., business logic) and visual code (e.g., embed a pane created with Delphi or Java Swing in a WinForms or WPF window).

RemObjects Script

RemObjects Script for .NET is an implementation of JavaScript/ECMAScript in 100% .NET, and can be used for embedding scripting support into your applications.

It is free and open-source.