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Internet Pack for .NET

Internet Pack is a lightweight and easy to use TCP/IP framework built on top of the .NET Socket library.

It forms the foundation of network access in the RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract for .NET, but it also provides general connectivity options usable in any .NET networking application, be it network clients or servers.

Internet Pack provides a range of ready-to-use client and server implementations for common network protocols like HTTP, FTP or SMTP, while at the same time providing easily extendable base classes that allow developers to implement their own (be it custom or standard) protocols, as needed.

Special attention is given to a flexible server architecture for both HTTP and FTP that allows to create servers that serve custom data – be it of static or dynamic nature – and can easily be enhanced to provide the most complex of scenarios.

The main goal of Internet Pack is to abstract the already powerful and relatively easy to use Socket classes of the .NET framework to provide a library that makes it easy to implement the different communication protocols commonly used on the Internet, as well as to implement custom forms of network communication.

Built on top of this flexible and highly scalable architecture, Internet Pack provides ready-to-use client and server components for many protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3, and more components will be added over time.

Internet Pack for .NET is included as part of the Data Abstract for .NET trial (and licensed) download, including full source.

Core Features of Internet Pack

  • Lightweight and comfortable to use base framework
  • Flexible and highly scalable architecture
  • Extendable Connection class allows you to easily integrate custom encryption or compression solutions
  • Extendable HTTP Client and Server framework – build HTTP applications with just a few lines of code, or easily expand the components to provide complex custom solutions
  • Extendable FTP Server framework and VirtualFTP sample implementation
  • CommandBasedServer and Client based components allow you to easily implement your own command based protocols (such as SMTP, FTP Command Connection, etc.)
  • SimpleHttpServer component provides an easy-to-implement file-based HTTP Server
  • SMTP and POP3 client implementations and matching mail message encapsulation classes
  • Integration with DebugServer for easy debugging and tracing

...and much more.

Get the latest source and downloads for Internet Pack or participate in the development process and contribute code to the project on github.

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