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Hydra Support

The Hydra team takes great pride in creating products that let you, in turn, build successful software solutions for your company or your clients. This entails not only delivering a quality product, but also helping you use them and get the most out of them, and being there for you if you run into problems.

We provide several ways for you to get help and support should you have questions getting started with Hydra or run into problems while using it.

"RemObjects Talk"

The primary support channel for Hydra is on our RemObjects Talk support and community site. RemObjects Talk is a stackoverflow-like forum that we use for public support and bug reporting, while also allowing customers to benefit from answers given to others and encouraging customers and Hydra experts to communicate among themselves.

There is a forum dedicated to Hydra.  

Email Support

In addition to using our community site, you can also send an email to Response time for emails is typically longer than for RemObjects Talk, but we typically handle email support within 48 hours on business days.

We recommend to keep email support to cases where you need to ask questions in private or provide confidential information, such as website usernames, or send in your code to help us reproduce problems, because support answers via RemObjects Talk will benefit all readers.

Email support is tracked by our support robot “Marvin”. Within a few minutes of sending an email to, you will receive an automated response with a tracking ID in the subject line. Please keep this ID in place for all future communication and follow-ups on the same support request.

Please also note that our support robot applies spam filtering, so messages that rate too high on our spam metric will be discarded. This has not been a problem in the past, but if you do not get a response from the support robot within 30 minutes, try simplifying your email (for example by avoiding HTML and attachments). It also helps bypassing our spam checking if you send from the email address you have on record with us. If you do not have an account for this website yet, for example because you are using a trial version, you can sign up for one now.

Premium Support

In addition to the free Basic Support laid out above, we also offer paid Premium Support for customers who need faster guaranteed turnaround times, more dedicated hands-on help, or otherwise have special support needs.

For questions about Premium Support, please contact


Should you have any additional questions regarding our Support program, please email us at