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What's New in Elements 8.2

Elements 8.2 is the second major update to Version 8, which we shipped last year. It focuses on quality and stability, with literally hundreds of fixes and enhancements, as well as expanded platform support.

Find out what else is new in our feature summary below – and check out our detailed Change Log for a complete list of all features, enhancements and bugfixes.


Elements 8.2 adds full support for creating native applications for Apple Watch using watchOS 2.0 – including custom watch face complications, glances and everything else. Deeply integrated into Fire with new project templates and wizards, getting your Oxygene, C# or Swift app onto the watch has never been easier.

Read More, or check out the First App Tutorial.


Of course Apple shipped not one new platfrom this year, but two. Elements 8.2 also provides full support for writing tvOS applications for the new Apple TV, in Fire and Visual Studio.

Read More, or try the First App Tutorials for Fire and VS.

Windows 10 Universal Application Platform

Things have not been standing still on the Windows front either. Microsoft has shipped Windows 10, and a new paradigm for building Universal Applications that run across the whole range of Windows devices, with UAP.

Elements 8.2 lets you build Universal Application Platform projects in Oxygene, Swift and C#. And of course with sharing code to Cocoa and Java as well, your Elements apps can be even more universal.

Swift 2.x

We've been hard at work to bring Silver up to date wth all the latest language changes and improvements Apple is making to the Swift language. With this new release, Silver is fully up to date with Swift 2.0 and Swift 2.1.

And of course — Silver continues to be completely free.

Read More and browse the Docs.

WinForms for Silver and RemObjects C#

Until now, WinForms support in Elements has been limited to Oxygene, leaving WPF as the only option for building Windows GUI aps in Swift and C#. With this release, we're expanding full WinForms support to all three languages.

Fire keeps getting better!

We keep improving Fire on a daily basis, and those of you using the weekly beta builds will know that it has been getting more and more awesome very week. While still considered a Preview with this release, Fire 8.2 has grown leaps and bounds from what we shipped in June. We hope you'll like it!

Read More, browse the Docs, and get the Trial.

Language Improvements

Like every release, Elements 8.2 keep improving the core languages.

Oxygene and RemObjects C# have gained extensive support for non-nullable types, allowing you to write safer and more expressive code and APIs. We've also added support for labeled break and continue statements in all three languages. And of course we super-charged Silver to match the latest Swift 2.1.

Visual Studio 2015 Shell

Elements 8.2 now comes with the new Visual Stidio 2015 Shell included, giving you access to the latest and greated version of Microsoft's development IDE for Windows.

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