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The Oxygene Language. This is not your Daddy's Pascal.

Notice for Embarcadero Prism (a.k.a Delphi Prism) Customers

This page describes how Embarcadero Prism customers will/can be migrated to RemObjects Oxygene for .NET licenses, now that Prism is no longer available as part of RAD Studio XE4 and beyond.

Two points are worth noting, to start with:

  • "Prism" and "Oxygene for .NET" are the same product. There is no technical migration needed, your existing Prism projects will continue to work as they always have.
  • If you already own Oxygene via license purchased from RemObjects or one of our resellers (i.e. you enabled your license by entering your login name and password in the product, not a serial number), you can ignore everything that follows.

Customers with active Software Assurance (SA) purchased prior to April 23, 2013

If you are an Embarcadero Prism or RAD Studio customer with software assurance covering Prism, you will have received serial numbers for XE3, XE3.1 and XE3.2, depending on how long your SA was active.

As a first step, if you haven't done so already, please register your newest XE2.x or XE3.x serial numbers with us. This will give you access to the relevant downloads for Oxygene for .NET 6.0, directly from our website, up to and including the July 2013 release (XE3.2).

If you have a software assurance (SA) contract for Prism or RAD Studio with Embarcadero purchased prior to April 23, 2013 that extends beyond August 23, 2013, we will honor that SA contract and provide you with free updates to Oxygene for .NET for the remainder of your SA contract (i.e. until April 23, 2014, at the most). Please contact us at if you have not already done so, including (a) the account name that you registered your serial(s) under and (b) details about your SA contract with Embarcadero – most importantly its duration period.

Once your account has been updated to reflect your full SA period, you can also choose at any time to renew your Prism license to the full Oxygene package, including all three platform editions, for only $499.

You can order this renewal here, and it will give you a full year of free updates (for all three platforms) starting from your existing SA expiration date (or at least 6 months, if that expiration date is further in the past).

Customers without Software Assurance or SA that has already expired

If you obtained Prism via RAD Studio without software assurance, or if your software assurance expired, we have a special cross-grade offer to bring you up to date with the latest Oxygene version and a full year (from the day you purchase the cross-grade) of updates and support, for only $599.

You can order this cross-grade here, and it will not only give you the latest Oxygene for .NET, but also our other Oxygene editions, for Cocoa and for Java — allowing you to build true platform native apps for Android, iOS and the Mac, among others. It will also include one year of free updates and support.

If you have an XE2 or XE3 serial number, we still encourage you to register it with us, but a registered serial number is not required for this purchase, and the cross-grade is available to users on older versions of Prism (such as Prism XE, or Prism 2008/2009), as well as all "native" Delphi users.

Prism FAQs

Q: My Software Assurance for Prism goes beyond July 2013. Will I get the product I paid for?

A: Short answer: Yes. Since August 2013, we have contacted all customers who have registered their XE3.2 serial numbers with us to coordinate your SA expiration and how you will receive future updates to Oxygene 6.1 and possibly beyond. If you have not received an email from us, please contact us at so we can sort you out.

Our reseller agreement with Embarcadero ended in August, and we will receive no license fees for Prism beyond August, but we believe it is important that all Prism customers get what they paid Embarcadero for, so we will honor SA agreements for Prism up to one year from the date Embarcadero stopped selling Prism as part of RAD Studio (which was April 22, 2013).

That said, if you want to support the continued development of Oxygene moving forward, we of course encourage you to (and appreciate you doing so) renew to the full Oxygene package — which as a side-effect will moot the question about SA beyond July, and will give you the full package with all three platforms.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at at any time, if you have questions and concerns.

Q: Will I receive Oxygene for Java or Oxygene for Cocoa as part of Prism XE3.2 or beyond?

A: No. Prism only covers the .NET edition of Oxygene. To obtain Oxygene for Java and Oxygene for Cocoa, you can buy, renew or cross-grade to the full Oxygene package directly from RemObjects Software (or one of our resellers), via the links given above. Prism customers will receive only updates to "Oxygene for .NET" as part of our coverage of Embarcadero's SA.

Q: Will Oxygene 6.1 and beyond be available as "Prism"?

A: No. Oxygene 6.0 is the last release of Oxygene for .NET to be made available under the Prism name, and the last release to accept Embarcadero serial numbers for activation. Starting with Oxygene 6.1 shipped in August 2013, Oxygene will be available exclusively under the "Oxygene" name, and exclusively using our much more flexible and customer-beloved no-nonsense "Everwood" licensing system.

Q: How do Prism and Oxygene version numbers correspond?

  • Oxygene 5.0 for .NET = Prism XE2, Released in 2011
  • Oxygene 5.2 for .NET = Prism XE3, Released in August 2012
  • Oxygene 5.3 for .NET = Prism XE3.1, Released in January 2013
  • Oxygene 6.0 for .NET = Prism XE3.2, Released in May 2013 thru July 2013
  • Oxygene 6.1 and later will not be available under the Prism brand


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