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Latest Blog Posts

What's In Store for Apple's Mac? 13 days ago

Reading the tea leaves on the future of the Macintosh. [ Read more ]

Delphi-style VCL on WebAssembly Platform 1 months ago

As many of you know, our Elements development environment (Fire, Water in Visual Studio) recently introduced a new Island sub-platform called WebAssembly. Code is compiled to a standard byte code format (.wasm files) that the browser can run together with JavaScript code. [ Read more ]

Elements 10 Now Available for Public Download 2 months ago

I'm super excited to let you know that as of last week, we have declared a first Elements 10 build as "Stable". This means it's ready for production use and – more importantly – it's now available as public download for anyone who does not have a paid active subscription [ Read more ]

Elements 10 Highlights 1/2018 2 months ago

Over the past month we've shipped five new update builds for Elements 10, and we're hoping that today's build will be promoted to "Stable" next week, making .2249 the first build of Elements 10 to then be available publicly to users without an active subscription – including for trial [ Read more ]

WebAssembly: Swift, C#, Java and Oxygene in the Browser 3 months ago

Over the past few weekly builds, we've been rolling out support for WebAssembly, our next major compiler target for Elements. [ Read more ]