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RemObjects' user base is as widely-ranged as its tools – from single developer shops to Fortune 500 companies and major house-hold brands, including:

Latest Blog Posts

Life in Time of COVID-19 2 months ago

Hi everyone.I wanted to give you a brief update on the state of things here at RemObjects Software as we're getting further into this year of 2020 that is not unfolding as any of us would have expected.First i want to ensure you that while pretty much all [ Read more ]

The "Go" Language comes to Elements: Announcing RemObjects Gold 3 months ago

Use Go in your projects for .NET, Cocoa, Android, Java, WebAssembly — and other platforms. [ Read more ]

Automatic SDK Downloads 3 months ago

Last week's Elements build added a small but pretty nifty feature to EBuild: automatic download of new SDKs.As you might know, for the Cocoa and Island platforms, Elements uses a set of pre-imported .fx files to build against the native platform APIs. These .fx files are specific to each [ Read more ]

Writing Linux Dæmons with Elements 6 months ago

Coming from a Windows-centric ecosystem, the idea of Linux was both scary and perplexing at the same time. But the rewards have been – and continue to be – too great to ignore. Especially for large companies and organizations. The Linux we have today is very different from the Linux we remember [ Read more ]

Unicode and You 7 months ago

In Elements, the native String type on all target platforms uses UTF16 encoding. UTF16 is a great middle-ground, because 16-bits are enough to represent most common Unicode code points, including not just Latin letters, symbols and accents, but also most other commonly used character sets such as Greek, Cyrillic, or [ Read more ]