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Hydra 6
New: Java plugins

Go beyond Delphi!

Mix Delphi, .NET, Java and Island code in the same application.

Take your legacy code with you to your into your new .NET project.

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Latest Blog Posts

Working with Paths in Elements RTL 6 days ago

Elements RTL, our (optional) cross-platform abstraction library, provides a rich API for working with filenames and and paths.For one, it replicates the System.IO.Path class from .NET, which provides many APIs for parsing and manipulating paths, and it also has a Url class that has can be used [ Read more ]

Apple's September 2019 Event 6 days ago

Image for Apple's 2019 iPhone eventToday Apple held their annual September event. It used to be the iPod event, and eventually became the iPhone event we know now. Today we got a look not just the new iPhone(s), but also the latest iteration of the Apple Watch and [ Read more ]

EBuild Package Manager, v0.1 18 days ago

In this week's build of Elements, we've shipped a very first tentative part of what, eventually, will become the/an official package manager for EBuild in general, and for Elements in particular.What's the Goal of a Package Manager?The main idea of a package manager is that your project [ Read more ]

Mixing Languages 27 days ago

New users coming fresh to Elements are often wondering how the compiler is able to mix different programming languages, or how it ends up that you can use the same language on different platforms ("doesn't C# only work on .NET?"). Here's how it works.Elements is not made up of [ Read more ]

Elements Import Recipes 1 months ago

Some time ago, we've introduced Import Projects to Elements. These let you import a set of C header files for Island and Cocoa. An import project produces an .fx that can be used from a regular Island or Cocoa project, depending on what the import project is targeting. [ Read more ]