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For going on twenty years, RemObjects Software has been dedicated to creating state of the art tools for software developments that our users love and cherish.


A multi-language multi-platform software development environment for all your programming needs.

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Data Abstract

Fast, secure and scalable multi-tier database access for .NET, Delphi, Java and Xcode.
Made easy.

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Remoting SDK

Build reliable and robust client-server communication into your apps.

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Mix Delphi, .NET, Java and Elements code in a single Windows application.

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The Suite

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Vision Thing and the Curaçao Weather Department

...are reporting the Weather for the caribbean island using a combination of native Android and iPhone apps and .NET-based back-end services. All in RemObjects Swift.

Read the Case Study. Get their app.

Our Customers

RemObjects' user base is as widely-ranged as its tools – from single developer shops to Fortune 500 companies and major house-hold brands, including:

Latest Blog Posts

Introducing Mercury 3 days ago

RemObjects Mercury breathes new life into the Visual Basic.NET ecosystem, future-proofing the language and taking it beyond .NET to new platforms. [ Read more ]

Elements: It Goes to 11! 3 days ago

With this weeks Stable release of Elements, build .2627, we've increased the major version number from 10 to 11 (insert a Spın̈al Tap joke here). This is to celebrate the newest addition to our language family, Mercury, but also the range of amazing progress Elements has made since we [ Read more ]

NuGet Packages and More, for Remoting SDK and Data Abstract 12 days ago

The next build of Remoting SDK and Data Abstract  will bring several quite important features.Some of them are relatively small ones, like support for Async Service Methods in Code-First Servers on .NET; others are a quite important and long awaited step forward.Let me introduce NuGet packages for Remoting [ Read more ]

Debug Info and File Formats 19 days ago

In this previous post, I spoke about writing a debugger. This one will talk about the formats a debugger needs to be able to read. For our debugger we settled on using DWARF debug info everywhere, as this is the most common debug format on POSIX, and works well enough [ Read more ]

Writing a Debugger 2 months ago

For the Upcoming version of Elements we completed the port from LLDB to our own native debugger. We already had debug engines for .NET, Java, WebAssembly, Windows and Linux, but for iOS and macOS we used Apple's open source LLDB. LLDB had an obvious advantage of supporting all the platforms [ Read more ]


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