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What's New in Data Abstract 8.3 (and RemObjects SDK 8.3) Early Summer 2015

Version 8.3 is another significant interim update for DA8.

Support for Delphi/Mobile

Data Abstract and RemObjects SDK for Delphi now support building FireMonkey applications for iOS and Android using Delphi's "NEXTGEN" compiler. This support is provided in parallel to our native libraries for these platforms.

Support for "Silver"

With version 8.3, you can now use RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract for .NET, Cocoa and Java with our new (and free) Silver compiler to build applications in Swift – including RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract servers, and clients for all platforms. This includes project templates, code generation for RO services and DA datatables, as well as thorough IDE integration into Visual Studio and the Fire Preview.

Support for Visual Studio 2015

RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract 8.3 for .NET, Cocoa and Java integrate with the new Visual Studio 2015 (Release Candidate or later), for working with Visual C#, Visual Basic and of course the three Elements languages.

More Fixes and Improvements

And of course there are over 100 other fixes and improvements that make RO/DA better in your day to day use, across all platforms and tools.

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