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Data Abstract comes with a ready-to-use middle-tier server called Relativity.

You can think of Relativity being to your business logic what, say, SQL Server is to your database, or Apache to your website: it's a ready-to-go server implementation that you can use to host the functionality you need.

Relativity Server is easy to install on Windows, Linux and even Mac OS X Servers (and can be run locally during development, as well). If you're using Amazon Web Services, we also have ready-made images that let you deploy Relativity Server onto EC2 with just a few clicks — no Linux knowledge needed.

Relativity Server comes included with all five editions of Data Abstract, but you can also download it separately below, for example to deploy it on your server, or get an edition not included with your copy of Data Abstract – such as for Xcode developers to install it on Windows, or .NET or Delphi developers to install it on their Mac.

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Download Relativity Server

Relativity Server comes installed with Data Abstract, but you can also download a copy below, for example to install it directly on one of your servers.

You can also boot up Relativity on Amazon Web Services using our pre-made AMIs. Read More.


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