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Changes in RemObjects Data Abstract Server Explorer for Mac

This document lists the changes introduced by new versions of Server Explorer for Mac, included in Data Abstract for Cocoa and available standalone on the Mac App Store.


New in the “May 2019” Release, Version 9.7.115 (Build .1441)

(Built: May 29, 2019)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “March 2019” Release, Version 9.6.113 (Build .1413)

(Built: March 20, 2019)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “November 2018” Release, Version 9.5.111 (Build .1397)

(Built: November 16, 2018)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “July 2018” Update Release, Version 9.4.109 (Build .1375)

(Built: July 6, 2018)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “March 2018” Update Release, Version 9.4.107 (Build .1363)

(Built: March 23, 2018)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “November 2017” Update Release, Version 9.3.105 (Build .1345)

(Built: November 14, 2017)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “October 2017” Release, Version 9.3.105 (Build .1337)

(Built: October 17, 2017)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “July 2017” Release, Version 9.2.103 (Build .1311)

(Built: July 11, 2017)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “April 2017” Release, Version 9.2.101 (Build .1295)

(Built: April 13, 2017)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “November 2016” Release, Version 9.1.99 (Build .1273)

(Built: November 1, 2016)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “May 2016” Release, Version 9.0.97 (Build .1245)

(Built: May 2, 2016)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the “March 2016” Release, Version 9.0.95 (Build .1233)

(Built: March 25, 2016)


  • Added missing bindings to these CollectionViews, so that the "Remove *" button enables/disables based on whether table item(s) is selected.
  • Adding a new Statement to a Command in Schema Modeler was causing a visual overlap bug
  • Allow for multiple row selection like the tables in the Tables, Commands, UnionTables, Statements, Parameters collection views.
  • Converted fromOpenSSL to CommonCrypto
  • Delete menu item now is correctly disabled when right clicking on a Schema Item that is a collection
  • Disable the "Remove" button until a row is selected.
  • Fixes for latest codegen
  • Invalid NSWindowStyleMask set for the Window, which caused the "NSWindow does not support utility styleMask 0x10" to appear in the console every time a you saved the schema document.
  • Make the NSDocument window appear in front on the main ServerExplorer UI when starting Server Explorer by double clicking on a file
  • Making certain changes did not mark the document as dirty/needing saving.
  • Support for mapping a Union Table Field to a Source Table Field.
  • Updated documentation links to the new docs site


New in the "May 2015" Release, Version 8.3.91 (Build .1167)

(Status: May 26, 2015)

No changes for Server Explorer, in this release


New in the "March 2015" Release, Version 8.2.89 (Build .1153)

(Status: March 2, 2015)

No changes for Server Explorer for Mac, in this release


New in the "September 2014" Update Release, Version 8.1.85 (Build .1143)

(Status: September 25, 2014)

  • 69752: Can't preview data: Schema table not found
  • 69562: Fix layout for schema view when window size is minimal
  • 69005: Sometimes it shows wrong sheet for just selected LoginProvider
  • 69002: Cannot properly configure Domain DbTableLoginProvider
  • 68929: Validate SQL action at Statement should show reason of failure
  • 68919: Buttons at Statement view shows as disabled but allows clicking on them
  • 68898: Outline has no labels when compiled with Xcode 6 (OS X 10.10 SDK)
  • 68894: Disable controls at schema view while loading
  • 68889: Implement lazy loading for ConnectionManager document
  • 68883: Statement view: Unable to recreate mapping, buttons are disabled
  • 68877: Over-release take place when creating table from the table schema


New in the "Summer 2014" Release, Version 8.0.81 (Build .1131)

(Status: June 24, 2014)


  • 67962: Dialog to create AWS config file for Relativity Server in the Cloud
  • 64402: Allow launching of Schema Modeler from Relativity Server Web Admin
  • 68292: Codegen support for DA/Cocoa strongly-typed datatable rows
  • 65082: Allow preview/explore data for domains with Data login but without Admin/Develop login


  • 67341: Change in field's "Size" property doesn't make document dirty
  • 68368: Server Explorer: Replace NSProgressIndicator in the servers tree with '(loading...)' label


New in the "Spring 2014" Update Release, Version 7.0.75 (Build .1117)

(Status: March 28, 2014)

no changes in this release


New in the "Winter 2013" Release, Version 7.0.73 (Build .1111)

(Status: December 13, 2013)


  • 64818: Weird behaving checkboxes at Server setup node
  • 64817: Error in working with custom DA server registration
  • 64658: efactor code to have single channel per server registration.
  • 64131: Enumeration admin properties does not show current value
  • 64127: Crashes when tring to edit any AdminProperties in PropertySheet
  • 64099: Schema Document. Adding new schema item does not mark document as changed
  • 64098: Parameters Collection view. ParameterType is not shown here
  • 64097: UpdateRules. Table view with rules lost current item when moved Up & Down.
  • 61957: Relatvity registration still uses plain HTTPChannel
  • 57179: Schema document. Tables View. Add button to remove tables
  • 0: Schema document. Statements View. Add button to remove 1-n relations
  • 0: Allow multiselect for Relations and Statements View
  • 0: Schema document. Relations View. Add button to remove 1-n relations
  • 0: Unify Add/Remove actions for all collection views
  • 0: Improve copying of row data to clipboard from Data Expllorer
  • 0: Added notification when domain properties was read. It should refresh DomainSetup view


New in the "Fall 2013" Release, Version 7.0.71 (Build .1093)

(Status: September 10, 2013)


  • 63427: Implement in-place preview for table statement
  • 62805: Migrate Server Explorer to ARC
  • 57212: Improve SQL regeneration
  • 47844: Statement View. Add ability to data preview for custom SQL
  • 0: support (basic) copying of data from SQ Explorer (needs further improvements)


  • 63695: Unhandled exception when switching to SQL tab with no connection or target table
  • 63694: Schema document: Shortcut for adding new item Cmd+A overlaps with Select All in SQL editor
  • 62880: Update SBJson version
  • 62873: Fixed numerous "Format string is not a string literal (potentially insecure)" warnings
  • 62872: licensing should work properly with "Xcode" and "Cocoa" edition names
  • 62676: runtime deprecation warning in ImageAndTextCell
  • 62280: Wrong shortcut for removing schema item from the tree
  • 61863: Scroll to the current line in the script debugger
  • 60222: Bug when generating mappings
  • 60081: Cache item metadata in the connection manager
  • 59608: Unable to preview statement data
  • 57584: Refactor async calls for StatementController.
  • 57583: Statement view sometimes says it fails to download metadata
  • 45940: SQL Aliases don't seem to make it into Column Mapping automatically, even after update/recreate


New in the "Winter 2012" Release, Version 7.0.65 (Build .1065)

(Status: November 30, 2012, Revision master-19e5f13)


  • 56980: Business Rules Script Debugging


  • 59608: Unable to preview statement data
  • 59217: Failure on unlocking rows after async update
  • 59214: Registration must detect Relativity and set superhttp channel for it as default
  • 59185: There is not enough timeout for debugging scripts
  • 59163: Current browser session is not in the availableSessions list
  • 59142: SQL Browser cannot retrieve login and password from domain
  • 59123: Set min size for StringBuilder sheet
  • 59121: Can't use splitter on SchemaD ocument
  • 59120: Cmd+N on main window raises an exception
  • 59119: Cant use splitter on main form
  • 59086: Improve Servers registration
  • 59032: Wrong node for serialization table delta commands
  • 58963: Register new server. Wrong alignment
  • 58795: fails in on Lion because Twin Peaks is build with wrong deployment target


New in the "Fall 2012" Release, Version 7.0.63 (Build .1055)

(Status: October 5, 2012, Revision master-cbdb472)


  • 57507: Bad proxy icon for Relativity-Server backed documents
  • 57472: Visual cleanup for bottom tool buttons
  • 57470: Improvements to schema tree filtering
  • 57210: Field View: Fix style for Align tab selector
  • 57207: Remove large icons from collection views
  • 57206: Schema Document: Double click in the outline should expand/collapse
  • 57202: Connection document: Fix outline width
  • 57181: Schema Document: menu item for adding new items
  • 56982: Replace asyncRequestNeedsLogin: with clientChannelNeedsLogin:
  • 56119: Relativity Server: Enable JavaScript Options for Free edition in API version 2.8 and up


New in the "Summer 2012" Release, Version 6.0.61 (Build .1029)

(Status: May 31, 2012, Revision master-7263183)



  • 56119: Enable Relativity Server JavaScript options for Free edition in API version 2.8 and up
  • 55945: Show information about non-functional drivers
  • 55674: support full screen for Schema document
  • 55673: Performance improvements for startup with many registered servers
  • 55491: Sort collection items alphabetically in the schema tree
  • 54832: Data Preview for statements and schema tables in Schema Modeker
  • 54014: Ability to be able to export .relativityClient files
  • 49485: Script Debugger: Integrate Script Debugger into SQL Browser (requires latest Relativity Server beta)


  • 55967: Statement view: Recreating Fields uses SQL expression even if statement is AutoSQL
  • 55966: Statement view: Connections dropdown does not show just created connections
  • 55965: Statement view: Use Cocoa Bindings for filling Connecions dropdown and dynamically reflect changes there.
  • 55963: Data Preview fails on Firebird with autoSQL statements
  • 55962: Connections document doesn't show content of just added connection.
  • 55694: Statement view: SQL and Mappings popup can be both visible
  • 55597: Data Explorer sometimes fails with "Async Request is already active"
  • 55539: When editing an SQL statement, the red "close" window button doesn't show it as modified until i switch away from the Statement node
  • 55479: "Generate SQL" should ask before overwriting existing
  • 54934: Schema Document: Add popup menu for the Schema outline view
  • 54915: Does not persist position for SchemaDocument window
  • 53435: SQL Browser: Exception when loading schema
  • 49301: Schema Modeler for the Mac can't save Schemas in Sandboxed mode (fixed for 10.7.3+ and 10.8)


New in the "Spring 2012" Release, Version 6.0.57 (Build .991)

(Status: February 23, 2012, Revision master-d97b581)


  • 51908: Implement drag&drop stored procedures and views to the schema
  • 51576: UnionSourceTable support
  • 51573: Implement ability to refresh (not recreate) any schema outline node.
  • 50505: Add a "Save As Copy" menu item for Schema documents


  • 53438: Collection views: Fix resizing bug
  • 53435: SQLBrowser. Exception when loading schema
  • 51751: Observation info was leaked when closing schema document.
  • 51708: Server Explorer: Cannot create schema.
  • 51703: Schema Document. On removing items Ok button should be default
  • 51702: Schema View: Remove odd property DefaultTimeout
  • 51700: Fix warnings in the project
  • 51684: Application loses the focus when move from the table to statement view
  • 51682: Wrong habit on adding new schema item and setting its name


New in the "Winter 2011" Release, Version 6.0.55 (Build .957)

(Status: December 2, 2011, Revision master-c055eef)


  • 51218: Expose Relativity Domain Export/Import options
  • 0: Expose JavaScript and CORS options for Relativity Server
  • 0: Expose License file upload for Relativity Server


  • 50580: Schema Document. Editing schema element name should immediately reflect in the outline node name
  • 50579: Schema Document. Disable Save As, for Relativity schemas
  • 50529: Update Fields fails silently if SQL is invalid
  • 50504: "Update Fields" does not update PK status
  • 50190: Implement NSCopying for all Schema classes


New in the "Fall 2011" Release, Version 6.0.53 (Build .931 and .935)

(Status: September 26, 2011, Revision master-7272e3b)


  • 48598: DA SQL Browser: support for editing data and applying changes
  • 48596: DA SQL Browser: Add ability to get extended information about request execution in Relativity Server


  • 50107: when opening schema, fold open the Tables note by default
  • 49874: Support for Relativity Server "Internal" connections
  • 48697: DA SQL Browser: Improve UI for editing DASQL data


  • 50465: Briefcase method clearTablesCache raises an exception
  • 50147: Error when trying to save Relativity Connections document
  • 50106: Updating Fields does not update Column Mapping
  • 50072: Server Explorer. SchemaView. Unable to resize & sort preview table columns
  • 50009: Data Explorer crashes when server error message contained "%@"
  • 49850: list of tables in Connection document is unsorted
  • 49815: cannot access buttons for Admin Login provider if window is resized to be tall
  • 49058: OData Publishing checkbox is disabled when connected to Relativity Server
  • 48696: DA SQL Browser: Add animation on changing views (data view & request info view)
  • 48603: DA SQL Browser: Add Minimal API version for RequestInfo
  • 48347: UI will hang on load if DA services are slow to process (sync) login
  • 46933: Driver names show inconsistently