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Change Logs.

Change Logs

On this page you will find change logs for current and past product releases from RemObjects Software. Select any of the products below to see a detailed list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes that have been applied to individual releases.

If you have any questions regarding fixes listed (or not listed) from these logs, please contact our support team.


Remoting SDK & Data Abstract





Previous Versions

This section lists changes to previous versions of our products, grouped by platform. Note that because there is shared code and functionality between different platform products (as for example with Schema Modeler and Service Builder), some changes will be listed in duplicate for both editions of the respective products.

Elements and Oxygene

Library Products for .NET and Mono

Library Products for Cocoa, Xcode, macOS and iOS

Library Products for Java and Android

Library Products for Delphi and Free Pascal

Library Products for JavaScript

Servers and Tools