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Case Studies

Data Abstract

The Premier Cross-Platform Multi-Tier Framework

  • NEW! FIRSTLight Drug Reference Client — Learn how Black Pear used Data Abstract for .NET and Cocoa to bring its medical database to the iPhone and iPad.

  • GE Infra — How General Electric moved their legacy Delphi-based database solution to a modern, managed infrastructure based on multi-tier design and .NET with Data Abstract and Hydra.

  • AdaptivERP — How Adaptive Way chose Data Abstract to build a sophisticated distributed ERP system based on .NET.

  • The Leasing Center — How Leo Software implemented a real-estate management system using Data Abstract and Hydra.

  • Bugs 7 for Mac and iPhone — How we used the new Data Abstract for Cocoa internally here at RemObjects Software to revamp our issue tracking and project management software (coming soon).


The Next Generation Object Pascal Language for the 21st Century

  • Amber Homeless Helper — How Oxygene for Java helped the U.K.'s 'The Amber Foundation' to bring their 'Homeless Helper' application to the Andropid platform.

  • SecureBlackbox — How Oxygene allowed component vendor EldoS to bring their encryprion suite to .NET developers.

RemObjects SDK

The essential remoting framework for .NET, Cocoa, Java and Delphi

  • NEW! myHealthFile & iRIS — Learn how Black Pear used RemObjects SDK for .NET and Cocoa to bring their cloud-based medical records to the iPhone and iPad and help physicians in the field.

  • Password Tote — How RemObjects SDK for Cocoa enabled the developers of Password Tote to expose their service to native Mac and iOS clients. (Please also listen to Episode 6 of the RemObjects Radio Podcast, for a discussion with the authors of Password Tote)

Older Case Studies:

  • Manage Your Finances — How MYF built a comprehensive personal finances management package using RemObjects SDK for Delphi.

  • TraxStar Technologies — How RemObjects SDK helped TraxStar build their enterprise solution and stay competitive by leveraging its state-of-the-art communication infrastructure.

  • Customer Tracking System — How customer Eric Hill leveraged RemObjects SDK to build a sophisticated customer tracking system to assist his company's sales force all across the Unites States.

  • Data Broking System — How customer Mike Ryan built a data broker to convert and exchange data between different systems.

  • Shell+ Documents — How third party partner Shell+ build a custom Windows Explorer Shell extension to share documents using RemObjects SDK.