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New Intro Videos for Remoting SDK and Data Abstract 5 days ago

Hey everyone.Over the past couple of weeks, we've been working on some new "introduction" videos for Remoting SDK and Data Abstract. These videos aim at giving a quick overview for getting started with each of the products, on each of the two major development platforms: .NET and Delphi.If [ Read more ]

Remoting SDK and Data Abstract Builds .1457 5 days ago

I'm happy to announce that last week we shipped new stable releases for Data Abstract and Remoting SDK 10, as well as an interim update to Hydra 6.2.Build .1457 marks the second Stable Channel release of RO/DA since switching to version 10 and it rolls up a [ Read more ]

Notarization (Gotta Do It) 6 days ago

Enabling Notarization for your Mac apps for macOS 10.15 Catalina. [ Read more ]

Debugging Mixed-Mode Android Apps 6 days ago

How to debug the Android SDK and NDK portions of your app at the same time, using the RemObjects Elements debugger [ Read more ]

Working with Paths in Elements RTL 1 months ago

Elements RTL, our (optional) cross-platform abstraction library, provides a rich API for working with filenames and and paths.For one, it replicates the System.IO.Path class from .NET, which provides many APIs for parsing and manipulating paths, and it also has a Url class that has can be used [ Read more ]