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No matter what development platform(s) you work on, RemObjects Software has the right tools for you.

Our products support you working with Visual Studio and .NET, Delphi and C++Builder, Apple Xcode, Android Studio and other Java IDEs, Web/JavaScript, and – of course – our own Elements compiler and IDE tool chain.

.NET/Visual Studio | Delphi/C++Builder | Apple/Xcode | Java & Android | Elements

.NET/Visual Studio
Java & Android


Vision Thing and the Curaçao Weather Department

...are reporting the Weather for the caribbean island using a combination of native Android and iPhone apps and .NET-based back-end services. All in RemObjects Swift.

Read the Case Study. | Get their app.

“So far, my team is the only one to stay on target with our schedule and this is largely due to our use of RemObjects technology and the excellent support we get from you.” — anonymous

Our Customers

RemObjects' user base is as widely-ranged as its tools – from single developer shops to Fortune 500 companies and major house-hold brands, including:

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Latest Blog Posts

Announcing Elements Twelve 10 months ago

Hi everyone.I'm overjoyed to announce the immediate availability of Elements Twelve, the next major version of our multi-language, multi-platform compiler and development suite.What's in a new version number? As you know, we ship weekly updates to Elements with new features and enhancements (and, of [ Read more ]

Island/Delphi: Using Delphi APIs from Elements 10 months ago

With the just-announced Elements Twelve, we have added a major and long-requested new feature to our native-code "Island" platform: support for the Embarcadero Delphi class/object model and – with that – the ability to consume just about any* Delphi APIs from your Elements projects, including the Visual [ Read more ]

Two New Oxygene Language Features 1 years ago

We've added two cool new language features to Oxygene this week:Required PropertiesProperties in Oxygene can now be marked with the required directive. The new directive addition mandates explicit initialization of the properties every time an instance of the containing class or any of its descendants is [ Read more ]

Introducing CodeBot 1 years ago

This week's build of Elements gives a first peek at an exciting new feature we've been working on for the Fire IDE: CodeBot.CodeBot is a smart coding assistant that can help you write, analyze and correct your code in any of the six Elements languages. [ Read more ]

Core, Core, Core 1 years ago

Hi everyone. Today's build of Elements 11, build .2771, brings a first glance at two new experimental features: the ability to run the Elements compiler on .NET Core and — more excitingly — the Water IDE, as well.Of course, Elements has supported building apps for .NET Core, [ Read more ]



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