Public Downloads

On this page, you will find free 30-day trial versions of all our commercial products.

All trial versions are usable without technical limitations, but tools, compilers and .NET libraries expire 30 days after installation (you can always contact our support team if you need a trial extension). Projects compiled with trial versions of our library products will produce a “generated with a trial version” message when launching your applications, and you are not licensed to distribute applications built with trial compilers or against trial versions of our libraries.

If you already own a license, full downloads, betas and more can be found on our Customer Portal.


Elements | Data Abstract | RemObjects SDK | Relativity Server | Hydra | Oxfuscator

RemObjects SDK – FREE 30-DAY TRIAL

RemObjects is the leading framework for building cross-platform distributed applications using web services. Read more.

RemObjects SDK for .NET and all Clients
Build managed servers using .NET and Mono.
Build clients for virtually any platform, using your choice of development tool, including .NET, Cocoa, Java, Delphi or JavaScript.
RemObjects SDK for Delphi and and all Clients
Build servers using Delphi and free Pascal.
Build clients for virtually any platform, using your choice of development tool, including .NET, Cocoa, Java, Delphi or JavaScript.


RemObjects Relativity Server – ROYALTY-FREE DEPLOYMENT

Relativity Server comes included with all five editions of Data Abstract, but you can also download it separately, for example to deploy it on your server, or get an edition not included with your copy of Data Abstract– such as for Xcode developers to install it on Windows, or .NET or Delphi developers to install it on their Mac. Read More.

Relativity Server for Windows
Installer to deploy Relativity Server on Windows.
Relativity for Mac
Standalone Application to run Relativity Server on Mac OS X (requires Mono 2.6 or later, 3.6 recommended).
Relativity Server for Mono
.zip Archive for deploying Relativity with Mono on Linux Servers. (requires Mono 2.6 or later, 3.6 recommended).
Server Explorer for Mac
Administer and browse Relativity Servers and design your middle tiers and Schemas using our Server Explorer for Mac.


You can also boot up Relativity on Amazon Web Services using our pre-made AMIs. Read More.


RemObjects Elements– FREE 30-DAY TRIAL

Oxygene and RemObjects C#, collectively known as Elements, are our next generation compiler and development tool chain for .NET, Cocoa and Java. Download your free 30-day trial copy now to check out the future of software development.

RemObjects Data Abstract – FREE 30-DAY TRIAL

Data Abstract is the premier framework for building database applications on a variety of development platforms and for a variety of operating systems and devices. Download your free 30-day trial copy now to learn how Data Abstract can help you. Note: Every download of Data Abstract includes RemObjects SDK.

RemObjects Hydra – FREE 30-DAY TRIAL

Hydra is an application framework that allows you to create modular Windows applications by mixing managed (.NET) and unmanaged ("native" Delphi) code in the same project, creating a seamless user experience while combining the best technologies available from either platform.

RemObjects Oxfuscator – FREE 30-DAY TRIAL

RemObjects Oxfuscator is a state-of-the-art obfuscation solution that integrates directly into the Visual Studio IDE and MSBuild compilation process and lets you obfuscate your executables as part of the regular compile cycle.