Data Abstract

The premier framework for building robust and scalable
cross-platform multi-tier database solutions.

Data Access, Done right!

Used by thousands of developers world-wide every day, Data Abstract has established itself as the premier framework for building fast, secure and reliable data access into your applications — from Enterprise solutions to the hottest mobile apps.

It doesn't matter what development platform you are on, we got you covered, with editions for .NET, Java, Cocoa, Delphi or even JavaScript.


Read our white paper to learn more on why the multi-tier approach is the way to go for modern database applications, and how Data Abstract facilitates this.


Connect to Virtually Any Database Type

With its flexible driver architecture, Data Abstract allows your application to talk to virtually any relational database system available. Support for common database vendors is provided in the box both with Data Abstract for .NET and Delphi, as well as with Relativity Server. And hooking up new or more esoteric database types is easily done, and explained in our Wiki.

On .NET and in Relativity, any database with an ADO.NET provider can be used; on Delphi, a wide range of Data Access Components (DACs), including the most popular third party offerings, are supported out-of-the-box, and new drivers can be created by writing a simple class.

And because Data Abstract is a true multi-tier system, no database client libraries are required on the client, of course.

From the get-go Data Abstract can talk to any of these database types, among others:



Data Abstract is available in five separate editions, for developers using .NET (and Mono), Apple Cocoa platform, Java (and Android), Delphi, and JavaScript (as well as in bundles of two or more).

Each edition is written and engineered from the ground up to fit into the surrounding framework and to be a fully native solution for the development platform in question.

  • Data Abstract for .NET is a true .NET library that adheres to the guidelines and conventions of the .NET framework, written in 100% managed code.

  • Data Abstract for Cocoa is a true Cocoa framework that integrates with the development environment familiar to Mac and iOS developers, written in 100% Objective-C. It can be used with Xcode and Oxygene for Cocoa.

  • Data Abstract for Java is a true Java library designed around the principles of the Java Frameworks and runtime, 100% Java byte code.

  • Data Abstract for Delphi is a pure VCL component suite, written in 100% Delphi code.

  • Data Abstract for JavaScript, finally, is a plain JavaScript reimplementation of the library capable of running in all modern browsers, and written in 100% pure JavaScript.

At the same time, all five editions are built on the same principles and concepts, and knowledge of Data Abstract on one platform will seamlessly transfer to using Data Abstract for any of the others. And it goes without saying that all five editions of Data Abstract are designed to be 100% wire compatible, so clients written in one development tool can talk to servers written in any of the others, and vice versa.

Data Abstract for .NET

Develop managed clients and servers for Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Silverlight, Linux and Mac, using .NET and Mono.

Data Abstract for Cocoa

Develop truly native clients for Mac and iPhone/iPad, using the Cocoa frameworks, with Objective-C/Xcode or Oxygene for Cocoa

Data Abstract for Java

Develop native clients for Android and other Java environments, using either the Java language or Oxygene for Java.

Data Abstract for Delphi

Develop unmanaged clients and servers for Windows and Linux and Mac OS X, using Delphi (VCL and FireMonkey) and Free Pascal.




Data Abstract consists of and provides a wide range of advanced technologies that make up the framework and set it apart from other database solutions on the market.

The grid below provides just a mere subset of the existing features and technologies that might be of interest to you. Click on any of the items to find out more: