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The smart way for your app to access your data

Data Abstract allows your application to talk to virtually any relational database hosted on your network or in the cloud, while keeping your database safely tucked behind your firewall.

  • No need to write server-side applications just to handle data.
  • No messing with REST API's.
  • No fiddly JSON parsing.
  • All CRUD operations are handled for you.
  • Fast, efficient & secure.
  • Safely use SQL to query your remote data.
  • Continued access to data when offline.
  • You always remain in control of your data.
  • Native on every platform.
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Access your data everywhere

Cross platform, multi-tier database access

Data Abstract for

Data Abstract for

Data Abstract for

Data Abstract for

Data Abstract for

Data Abstract is a multi-tier data access framework that allows you to develop true thin client applications for iOS and OS X (Cocoa), Android (Java), Windows (.NET or Delphi) and the Web (JavaScript).

Using middle-tier technology, you can have fast and efficient access to remote data while easily enforcing business rules.

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DA runs on your own servers

Don't trust anyone else with your data

Why entrust your data to anyone else? With Data Abstract and Relativity Server, you get to host your data on your own servers, either on your own network or in the cloud.

Relativity Server is the middle-tier technology in Data Abstract. It allows you to deploy your schemas and make data accessible to your client applications without building and maintaining separate server projects.

Relativity supports deployment on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Whether you are a Windows developer with a co-hosted Linux webserver or a pure-Mac shop running nothing but Mac OS X, you can run Relativity on your development machines and office servers, and deploy it to the cloud, without platform worries. We even have an Amazon Web Services AMI (Amazon Machine Image) that will allow you to deploy Relativity Server in just a few minutes.

With Relativity, you can publish new services or update existing schemas with the click of a button, and without interruption for connected clients. No need to upload new executables or restart the service.

Relativity Server can be deployed on hosts running Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It can be run as a standalone application (Windows and Mac OS X) for testing purposes or as a headless Windows Service or Unix Daemon for production systems. It can be run as 32-bit or 64-bit.

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