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RemObjects Software is a software company that creates tools and libraries for software developers working on a variety of platforms.

Elements is a development tool chain comprised of compiler, IDE and various supporting tools and technologies that allows developers to build applications for all modern platforms using the their language of choice – be it C#, Swift, Java or our own Oxygene language – without sacrificing direct platform access or succumbing to creating "lowest common denominator" apps.

Data Abstract is an industry-leading framework for building database applications using the the well-established "multi-tier" data access approach for a variety of platforms, with many unique twists that make it stand out among the crowd of data access technologies out there.

The main focus of our products are the .NET, Cocoa and Java/Android platforms, which comprise all the major development platforms in use today for building desktop and mobile applications. Data Abstract is also available for JavaScript and Embarcadero Delphi.

RemObjects Software has a unique philosophy on addressing development for different platforms without falling into the "cross-platform" trap; this philosophy is the driving force behind its two product suites. It has been said that we're "a cross-platform company that does not believe in cross-platform". Our aim is to supply the best possible solution for each platform, rather than providing a single one-size-fits-all solution for all platforms. Each of our products is designed and tailored specifically for each individual platform. This way, the product fits in natively on each platform – while still allowing developers working with multiple platforms to re-apply their existing experience across all platforms.

Executive Team

marc hoffman — Chief Architect and CEO

As co-founder of RemObjects Software, marc has been part of the team since the beginning in 2002. With over twenty years of experience in the software industry and most of that time focused on developer tools, marc's main focus as Chief Architect is on planning and driving the technological directions of the products and shaping the future of how software development is done. To a large part, this entails enhancing the Oxygene Language and Fire IDE, of which marc is the lead designer.

Mike Orriss — CFO

Mike joined RemObjects Software in 2004, having spent the previous 34 years in the computer industry performing a wide range of duties. His job at RemObjects is mainly focused on the financial side and on personnel management.


RemObjects Software is a privately held company owned by three partners: marc hoffman, Carlo Kok and Mike Orriss.


Company Address:

RemObjects Software
8062 Kingsbury Drive
Hanover Park, IL, 60133

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About this Website

This website was built with and is powered by core RemObjects Software technologies, including Oxygene and Data Abstract. The site is built using ASP.NET and makes heavy use of DA LINQ; virtually every piece of data presented is retrieved from our back-end databases via Data Abstract.

It is hosted on Amazon EC2, RDS and S3, with Relativity Server.

The following tools are essential in its development: Oxygene, Data Abstract, Coda, CSS Edit, Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageOptim, Chrome, Safari, Araxis Merge, GitBox.