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Welcome to the RemObjects TV archive of older product videos, 2013 and earlier.

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# Storyboards with Oxygene "Nougat"
5 years ago

A brief introduction to building Oxygene "Nougat" applications for iOS using Storyboards and Interface Builder. Storyboards provide a better approach for interface design and controlling the user experience. Oxygene "Nougat" provides full support and integration for storyboards for iPhone and iPad development using Cocoa Touch.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 10:50 minutes

# Introducing "Nougat" - Oxygene for Cocoa
6 years ago

Introducing RemObjects "Nougat" - Oxygene for Cocoa. Bringing the Oxygene programming language to Cocoa and Cocoa Touch for Mac OS X and iOS development. Demonstration includes CrossBox, Interface Builder and Instruments integration.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 18:47 minutes

# Advanced XML
6 years ago

Oxygene for .NET makes it easy to work with XML documents. This video shows you how to use XML Namespaces, Schemas (XSD), XML Validation, Serialization, Deserialization, XPath and LINQ to XML.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 39:24 minutes

# Building an Android Torch App
6 years ago

Brian Long walks through the process of developing an Android Torch app using Oxygene for Java. Covers Intents, Permissions, Activities, and other features common to Android App development. [Get the code.]

Watch | Download (H.264) | 49:25 minutes

# Overview of the Oxygene Programming Language
6 years ago

A general overview of the RemObjects Oxygene programming language and features. Includes demos of Visual Studio 2012 enhancements, Windows 8 Modern UI programming, Android development and iOS app development. [Echoes, Cooper & Nougat]

Watch | Download (H.264) | 37:46 minutes

# DA-LINQ Table Definition Generation
6 years ago

Highlighting the new Create DA LINQ Table Definitions from RemObjects Data Abstract 7 for .NET

Watch | Download (H.264) | 7:50 minutes

# Fix-It, "Reloaded"
6 years ago

Oxygene 5.2 takes the Fix-it functionality to the next level with Fix-All and Treat Fixable Errors as Warnings. Fix-it is all about increasing your productivity and keeping you in the zone of productivity.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 4:01 minutes

# Gendarme Code Analysis
6 years ago

Gendarme Code Analysis introduced in Oxygene for .NET 5.2 is integrated in Visual Studio 2012 makes it easy to detect code smells and other concerns in your Oxygene source code.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 10:58 minutes

# WPF Development with Oxygene for .NET
6 years ago

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Development with Oxygene for .NET and Visual Studio 2012. An introduction, a look at the tools, and behind the scenes.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 17:08 minutes

# Android XML IntelliSense with Oxygene for Java
6 years ago

Introduction to Android XML IntelliSense support in the latest Oxygene for Java. Shows the new IntelliSense in action with Visual Studio 2012

Watch | Download (H.264) | 3:45 minutes

# Webinar - Metro Development with Oxygene for .NET
6 years ago

This hour long webinar on Windows 8 Metro application development with Oxygene for .NET covers Oxygene features like await, and Metro features like AppBar, Style, MessageDialog, VisualStateManager, Suspending, Storyboard, GridView, ListView, Data Binding, ItemTemplate, SearchPane, Search, Notification, and LiveTile.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 56:38 minutes

# Creating an Android Client with RemObjects SDK for Java and Oxygene for Java
6 years ago

A short introduction to using RemObjects SDK for Java and Oxygene for Java to create a Android client application for a RemObjects SDK server. RemObjects SDK is a remoting framework for creating and using smart services and service orientated solutions.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 5:09 minutes

# Creating a RemObjects SDK for Java Client with IntelliJ IDEA
6 years ago

A short demo of creating a RemObjects SDK for Java console application client for the Mega Demo Server using the free JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 6:38 minutes

# Introducing RemObjects SDK for Java
6 years ago

A short introduction and overview of RemObjects SDK for Java. This 1.0 release includes support for Android and Java clients with BinMessage and HttpChannel. Also a short demo of HttpChat in Swing and Android with Java and Oxygene.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 5:36 minutes

# Metro App Development with Data Abstract for JavaScript
6 years ago

A quick introduction to using the latest Data Abstract for JavaScript client libraries to build a Windows 8 Metro App with Visual Studio 11. Windows 8 supports HTML / CSS & JavaScript as first class tools for building Metro Apps that are available via the Windows Store. RemObjects Data Abstract's JavaScript client libraries support building a client for your existing Data Abstract custom and Relativity middle-tier servers.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 10:09 minutes

# Webinar - What's New in Prism XE2
6 years ago

This hour long webinar covers what's new in Prism XE2 and how to get the most out of Prism and the Oxygene for .NET language that powers it. Covers new IDE features and productivity enhancements, duck typing, parallelism, class contracts, oxidizer, plugin interoperability and even some Windows 8 Metro application development.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 52:15 minutes

# Windows 8 Metro with Oxygene for .NET and VS11
6 years ago

A quick look at building a Windows 8 Metro App with Oxygene for .NET and VS11.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 5:11 minutes

# Introducing RemObjects Hydra 4
7 years ago

What's new in RemObjects Hydra 4, including support for Delphi XE2, FireMonkey, Silverlight and true 64-bit support. Also and example of using Hydra to add FireMonkey visual controls to a Delphi 7 application.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 6:47 minutes

# Mixing VCL & FireMonkey with RemObjects Hydra
7 years ago

An introduction to mixing FireMonkey & VCL controls in the same application using RemObjects Hydra. FireMonkey is the new HD & 3D Visual Control framework introduced in Delphi XE2. Hydra allows you to mix the new FireMonkey visual controls in existing VCL applications, even if they are maintained in earlier versions of Delphi.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 14:55 minutes

# Introducing the JavaScript Client Support for RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract
7 years ago

A good introduction to the JavaScript Client Support for RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract introduced with the "Winter 2011" release for the .NET, Delphi and Xcode editions of RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract.

Watch | Download (H.264) | 8:36 minutes