Which Product is Right for Me?

We have three products that can be used independently, but also fit together:

  • Elements is our cross-platform development suite, with your choice of four development languages (Oxygene, C#, Swift and Java), and the ability to target all modern platforms: .NET, Java/Android, Cocoa and our new native platform called “Island”.

  • Data Abstract (DA) and Remoting SDK (RO) are networking and database access frameworks. You use them to build client and server apps that talk across the network, and to securely expose/access databases across the network.

  • Hydra, finally, is a small library that lets you mix Delphi and .NET code. It’s mainly of interest if you are porting/extending a legacy Delphi application to/with .NET.

Both RO/DA and Hydra are totally independent from Elements. You can use them from Delphi, Visual C#, Xcode or Android Studio, where applicable. But they also work well with Elements, of course.

Our Suite Subscription gives you a convenient way to purchase all three products at a great price and with additional benefits.